Tuesday, May 20, 2008

exercise 2.5.6: mirrorman

[for francois wherever he is,
the original mirrorman]

this silvering of beards, these graded, guilt-edged
archaeologies of self, re-readings
of our texts of love and vague displeasure:

the mirrored man, confronted with his silt-dredged
simulacrum, shrugs, the sins conceding
of which he alone can be the measure.


  1. Hierdie is beautiful. Dankie dat jy ook my weer laat omkyk.

  2. The whore has a mouth
    And death defying talents that
    Can stupidity all the graces

    I am where I am and caught in mirror memory
    And caught as I wish I was

    I am what I wish I were
    Happy Mondays and such

    Catching up in the end, is fate to the lost that want not.


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