Tuesday, May 6, 2008

exercise 2.5.4: starling

you starled and then you lawnded. i breathed smoke
and, while you floraged, drained my coffee-cup.
you startled then and, fleeing, rooted up
the quiet thing you'd come here to evoke.

[subsequently published in The South African Literary Journal, NEW CONTRAST 142, june 2008]


  1. Love the word play, Rob, and the rich imaging. "Lawnded" works for me. Has a hushed peace. Was it a text message? H

  2. the 'late quatrains' are all (invariably late) text messages to tolerant friends. the 'übungen' are, and will be, scales and arpeggios, little exercises composed at intervals plucked here and there from the busyness of my days.


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