Tuesday, April 1, 2008


while sleeps the safe world, he who taunts the fates,
his conscience and the gods walks soft among
the moon-night's deep-delved evils, and equates
each moment with a new song to be sung.


  1. The quatrains are stunning, Rob. I always place a short piece on the Editor's Notes page. Gus often sends a short thing, but a quatrain of yours would work very well. There is just space to do that for the June edition: may I use the starling? H

  2. This is my favourite quatrain, not only for the obvious reasons, but "new songs to be sung" shows a bit of optimism - something which we perhaps all need a bit more of.

  3. it's true, a glimmer of optimism did seem to infiltrate this one somehow. one should remember, though, that dirges may also be sung.

  4. So much for optimism...

  5. actually, as i read it again, it seems rather banal. for all his opening bravery and heroism and god-taunting, by the end of it he amounts to a mere copy-hound. his 'moments', rather than winning some promethean thing of value off of the (inner and outer) gods on his own or anyone's behalf, are reduced to, and packaged as, the lyrics to some ditty...


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